The Hamburg Supporting Association keme e.V. Takes Part in Charity Action for Baby Anastasia

At the beginning of 2005 the six months old Anastasia from Moscow, who has been diagnosed with „Hirschsprung Syndrome “, came to the University Clinic of Schleswig-Holstein in order to get medical treatment. This chronic intestine illness concerns a hereditary neuropathy of the peripheral autonomous nervous system. During the embryonal growth the parasympathetic nerve cells in the intestine wall were not developed - because of the missing nerve impulses an orderly emptying of the intestine is not possible.

In this case an operational removal of the affected intestine section was the only possible therapy. In Moscow, though, the only option was to remove the whole intestine and implant an artificial intestine exit. Anastasias father, who got to know the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein as a guest scientist, seeked the assistance of his former colleague Dr. Björn Wenzel, immune and cell biologist at the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein. The AWD Foundation "Kinderhilfe" bore the operation costs. For further treatment and accommodation, Dr. Wenzel setup a donation account and initiated a relief action in cooperation with the non-profit association keme e.V. .
About 40,000 EURO were collected.The genetic diagnostics were accomplished by the company BioGlobe in Hamburg, one of the leading enterprises in Northern Germany in the area of the molecular diagnostics, free of charge. At the beginning of 2005 Anastasia was operated by the child surgeon Dr. Walter Sigge - large parts of the intestine were removed. However, the small bit of intestine, which could be saved, will recover fast and will extend. Senior Physician and Intestine Specialist Dr. Martina Kohl was the responsible person for the aftertreatment. She pointed out how important it is that the infusion therapy is fine-tuned accurately to match with the needs of the small body in the recovery phase perfectly. At the end of of 2005 Anastasia had recovered so far that she could fly back to Moscow with her parents. She now has a chance to lead a completely normal life.

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